The Way Back II

I’m planning on making The Way Back sort of a diary with a series of posts. I’m hoping it’ll be good for me to catalogue my progress and I’m sure it could also be interesting for someone going through something similar.

One thing to note before I begin though… My first post was written several weeks ago, which I forgot to mention. As I mentioned on Facebook, I also had a couple of more posts ready which I lost somehow, despite using Dropbox. As such, there’s a gap between when I first felt better to now. Can’t change that though.

The past two weeks (written 2019-03-08)

I’ve had my ups and downs these past two weeks. I’ve had moments where I’ve really felt that I slipped back to the old ways. An intense lack of energy hit me, and I’ve struggled to keep going. The situation is further complicated by changes in my medication. I’ve started the process of getting rid of one of the anti-anxiety medications I take. But I kept going. It’s taking a lot of planning and energy to keep going though, ironically enough.

The past few days (written 2019-03-08)

I’ve mostly been playing a new game, Anthem the last few days. Once the weather improves, I hope I’ll be able to get out and do some RC. And airsoft this Sunday. I hope.

I’ve been extra concerned the past three days or so. I’ve gotten extremely tired around lunchtime and I haven’t figured out why. I’m also starting to feel that I’ve decreased the dose of the anti-anxiety medication. I did miss taking one of my medications two days ago as well. I did get extremely tired yesterday though, which means it can’t simply be me forgetting to take one of the medications.

I’m on a new medication for my diabetes now as well. I’ve had high blood sugar for a while now and although I’ve started to feel better, getting enough exercise to combat this isn’t possible yet. I’m having issues now with low blood sugar which means it’s extremely important for me to eat right. Nevertheless, I still had to sleep yesterday around 13:00. I do also get tired when I can’t find something that I want to do, and I get bored then tired.

Maybe it’s normal for me to need a nap though and it’s something I must get used to, though I’m not sure. This is the reason I often say that “it’s complicated…” 😛

THE Plan

So, my strategy for the coming days is as follows…

I have to make sure I have a snack in-between breakfast and lunch. Otherwise the lunch might not be enough. I have to make sure I find something I want to do during the day as well. I have plenty of hobbies and one of them should be interesting today. If I’m tired despite of this, I’ll be trying to take a nap.

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