This is my most recent hobby. It was suggested by a friend that I met at The Little People’s annual Christmas gala in 2017. More about that here

So, why airsoft? Apart the cool gear, realistic weapons and so on, it’s free exercise. You won’t even notice you’re getting a workout. It also gives you a reason to get in better shape. You’ll also notice quickly how inefficient you are when you run slower than a three-legged dog. This is an incentive to get in better shape.

It also requires situational awareness and the ability to handle stress. This is in my experience anyway. I tend to really get sucked in by the moment – like it’s for real, almost. This might not be the same for others, which is fine.

Then there’s the community and inevitable socialising . You may play in different teams on the battleground, but you wouldn’t know it. Except that people do tend to shoot those in the opposing team. Other than that, most are very polite, when someone hits you from far away, good sportsmanship within the hobby is to congratulate it. As an example: I had to get off the field for a while – my glasses were fogging up… I fixed it but I had some issues with my gear. An opponent walked by and I asked for help. He helped me gladly, not caring that he was delayed by a couple of minutes.

There were other factors contributing to why I chose this hobby as well. I’ve played a lot of video games of the FPS-variety. I’m fascinated by weapons, although I don’t support legalisation of real weapons.

There are some drawbacks with this hobby though. First and foremost is that you’re very dependant on others. Playing alone sucks. It’s also very seasonal, most people don’t want to play during winter and as such, it’s more difficult to find events to go to. Also, you can’t do a whole lot inside if you’re too sick to go outdoors.